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No major events are coming up

Updated 8-5-15

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  2. This is Susanne Rothwell, from Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council, (PMPC) and I want you to know that we are against the 202, as it cuts over
    200′ into the south west ridges of South Mountain Park/Preserve. We are coming from the point of view that this mountain is part of the Preserve, and is an essential part of our history and culture. We will be at the May 21st hearing on the draft EIS by ADOT. Hope to see you there, Susanne

  3. drncp says:

    I’m interested in the June 22 rally/march. Can you tell me more? Is it still on?

    Are youth from your group available to visit churches and other groups in the community to tell about your concerns about the 202?

    David Radcliff
    New Community Project

  4. drncp says:

    I have learned that our church has another event already scheduled for the 22nd, so the march may not be possible. Another idea–there is a larger group of youth (30) coming to our church from around the country in late July. If they were able to come to your area, could you make a presentation to them and perhaps even take them on a short outing to see the area that you are concerned about re the freeway construction? Are there historical sites, for instance, that the group could see for themselves?

    Thank you– David

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